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IOHK released Jormungandr 0.8.5 on ITN before Christmas, so people can start testing staking during the holidays. It had been running for over 20 days, which was the longest time any version of Jormungandr ever ran. There are several issues on 0.8.5, i.e., long bootstrap time, sometimes even hours, forking, and blockhight not increasing.

IOHK released Jormungandr 0.8.6 about three days ago. EARTH upgraded within 30 minutes of the release, and since then, the node has been running continuously without any disconnect. The node has been in sync all the time.

We have added the World Map Panel plugin for Grafana, so we can track the nodes which established connection with us. From the map, we can see that most of the nodes are in US and Europe. We believe a big percentage of the nodes in US are in AWS.

Happy staking!



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