Shelley Is Here

The most anticipated Shelley era is here. Within 36 hours, there are 475 stake pools registered, collected from Pooltool! We are the most decentralized blockchain network ever.

Cardano has a very unique community. Everyone is contributing to the success of the project. And thanks to the help of ambassadors, we quickly setup EARTH Stake Pool within a couple of hours after Shelley hardfork. Special thanks to Charles and his team, and “GliTcH_ [1love] <-thats not a zero”.

EARTH pool has three relay nodes, distributed in three data centers. We also has one block producer node and one backup block producer.

We have three Cisco UCS C220 enterprise grade servers, and each server has 2 x Intel Xeon E2640 CPUs with 128G RAM in three data centres with 1G fiber liber link and LTE backup in each DC. Our pool node VMs each has 8 vCPU, 16G RAM and 400G storage, which is ready to process most advanced tasks.

Please join us.

Ticker: EARTH Pool ID: 0915c3599c9155abd550abdc6fab4dbbd08e80e7532bb7decd29767d



Inground, not in Cloud

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