We are professional network and system engineers with extensive experience, and we have been working on Cardano testnet from beginning.

To diversify the infrastructure for Cardano Ecosystem and brace decentralization, and be prepared for the potential exploding requirements, we built the EARTH Inground Stake Pool on a Cisco UCS C-Series Server with dual Intel Xeon CPUs and 64GB Memory hosted in our data center. The server is connected to a 1 Gbps dedicated Internet link through a Cisco Security Appliance.

With the income from staking, we are planning to reinvest to build the state of art ADA staking pool with DDoS Protection, Next Gen Firewall, Malware Protection and Hyper Convergence Infrastructure hosting in dual data centers for high availability.

So please support us and stake with us. Our ticker name is EARTH, and our pool ID is 0915c3599c9155abd550abdc6fab4dbbd08e80e7532bb7decd29767d.